How To Get Lighter Skin for Black People

How to Get Lighter Skin for Black People

There are many people who possess naturally black skin. There are two ways to get your skin lighter, and many reasons to want to so. One is the natural way and the other is by using chemicals, such as bleaching. In this article, we will discuss how to get lighter skin for black people in particular. Let us first take a look at the natural ways.

Top Skin Lightening Cream Comparison

ImageBrandDescriptionVolume (Fl Oz)PriceEditor's Rating
Kleem Organics - TableKleem OrganicsVitamin C & E Serum1$$$
Ever Fairy - TableEver FairySkin Brightening Cream4$$$$
Shouvy - TableShouvyWhitening Mask Cream1.69$$$
Raphe Pharmaceutical - TableRaphe Pharmaceutique LaboratoriesDeep Skin Whitening Milk4.2$$$$$
Pink Madison - Lightening - TablePink MadisonAnti Aging Skin Lightening Cream4$$$
Swissvita - TableSwissvitaWhitening Serum with AC-11®1.1$$$
Pink Madison - Mask - TablePink MadisonWhitening Cream Mask4.2$$$
Pink Madison - Serum - TablePink MadisonWhitening Serum1$$
MediDerm - TableMediDermDark Spot Corrector1.7$$
Swiss Botany - TableSwiss BotanyWhitening Cream Mud Mask4$$$$
Dr. Fred - TableDr. FredSkin Whitener Cream2$
Topiclear - TableTopiclearSkin Lightening Cream1.76$

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

In this section, we will talk about how to get lighter skin fast for black people naturally.

Fresh Lemon Juice

A fresh lemon should be cut into 2 halves. One-half should be kept in a cold place such as refrigerator. The other half’s juice should be squeezed in a bowl. Small, deep holes can be created on the half with a help of a knife to make the squeezing easier.

Soak up the juice with a piece of cotton. Then the juice should be rubbed onto the targeted area.

How to get lighter skin for black people

It should be left for about 15 minutes before washing off. The rubbed juice should be rinsed with warm water and moisturizer should be used after applying the juice. This should be repeated for 3 times a week.

If the juice feels too harsh for skin, water can be mixed to adjust.

Coconut Water

Coconut water not only lightens the skin, but also makes it soft and flexible. Apply the same way that we discussed for using lemon and cotton; only this time you don’t need to wash off.

Coconut water can be drunk directly for better skin as it’s a storehouse of minerals.

Aloe Vera

The juice of Aloe Vera is a very useful substance as it heals burns and wounds. It is also very moisturizing which helps to get lighter skin. Take one leaf and rub the open area onto the targeted body part. No side effects.

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Raw Potato

1The juice of a raw potato has little bleaching qualities which naturally lighten skin, due to the high quantities of vitamin C it contains.

Cut the raw potato in 2 halves and rub the open area on your skin. This needed to be done more often to get desired result.

This same process can be applied with cucumbers and tomatoes, which also contain a lot of vitamin C.


How To Get Lighter Skin For Black People Using Skin Lightening Products and Treatments

Sodium Lactate

Sodium Lactate has hydrating effects, as well as moisturizing effects which is important for your skin. The duty of this ingredient is to stop the production, as well as the functioning of melanin. Now, Melanin is the substance, which determines skin color.

If melanin is stopped; the black complexion can be removed. That’s why sodium lactate has become a much powerful tool for skin lightening. Furthermore, in addition to making your skin pale, it removes dead skin cells to produce healthy ones.

If dead skin cells are removed, skin dryness also vanishes, as well. As a result, one can get a skin that looks younger.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

The ingredient also works very effectively against melanin, very immediately. This is how to make skin lighter fast for black people within just 4 weeks and the difference of skin tone can be observed. This also protects skin from outside pollutions like dirt and irritants. It keeps on skin’s hydrating process which can slow down the process of aging.


The ingredient is generally produced from the leaves of blueberry and cranberry; various types of pears are also used. It promotes a standard skin tone; for any colored skin and any type of skin. It can go into or through the various skin layers which give nourishment to your skin working from inside, especially with force. It gradually repairs your skin against various dark spots. In addition, melanin production also stops gradually.


This ingredient is produced from the skin component named skin collagen and is anti-aging. This is to be applied externally to get effective results. As it is produced from collagen, it develops skin elasticity; as well as skin firmness, leaving a young and nutritious looking skin. It plays the role of glue as it holds the skin altogether, keeping the moisture inside.

The following video highlights how black people can get lighter skin just by following some simple steps.

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