How to Get Lighter Skin

Skin concerns affect us regardless of skin color or ethnicity. This is true when it comes to skin discoloration and uneven pigmentation. This article will help answer your skin whitening questions. So if you have been asking yourself how to get lighter skin…keep reading!  

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Top Skin Lightening Cream Comparison

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Pink Madison - Lightening - TablePink MadisonAnti Aging Skin Lightening Cream4$$$
Swissvita - TableSwissvitaWhitening Serum with AC-11®1.1$$$
Pink Madison - Mask - TablePink MadisonWhitening Cream Mask4.2$$$
Pink Madison - Serum - TablePink MadisonWhitening Serum1$$
MediDerm - TableMediDermDark Spot Corrector1.7$$
Swiss Botany - TableSwiss BotanyWhitening Cream Mud Mask4$$$$
Dr. Fred - TableDr. FredSkin Whitener Cream2$
Topiclear - TableTopiclearSkin Lightening Cream1.76$

In addition to sunshine, darker tones can also be caused by unhealthy lifestyles, stress, dry skin, air pollution, cosmetic products with lots of chemical substances in them and also certain medical conditions. Because some people often wonder how to get pale skin, a lot of beauty companies are now offering plenty of skin whitening products.

However, these products may not really work. So, what are you supposed to do when it comes to how to get lighter skin for real?  Into Skin Air is here to help sort it out!

Dark Skin and What Causes It

Uneven skin pigmentation is caused when your body creates either too much or too little melanin. It affects people from many various backgrounds. It also affects private areas.


Burns damage your skin. As it heals, scar tissue builds up. This tissue may not be the same color as your skin. This can also happen if you apply sunscreen unevenly and get burned.

Certain medications can make this more likely. Working outdoors can amplify the issue.

Autoimmune disease

The immune system normally fights off infections and disease. When it comes to autoimmune diseases (Like Lupus and Graves’ Disease), the immune system confuses healthy cells for damaged ones and attacks them by mistake.

Sometimes they can attack the skin. The reactions can range from redness and blisters to skin lightening or darkening.


Allergic reactions can also cause discolored skin patches in various areas of the body. They may start as red areas or itchy bumps.


Your cuts and scrapes may become infected from time to time. You just can’t help it. This will cause the skin around the infected area to change texture and sometimes color. 


Hormones can cause skin color changes too. This is especially common throughout pregnancies. Melasma (mask of pregnancy) is an example that causes dark patches on each side of the face.


Discolored skin spots that develop at (or in some cases after) birth. Moles, Mongolian spots and Port-wine stains will all result in changed skin color.

Skin Cancer

While most changes in skin color are not cancer, I had to include this on the list. Cancer can darken the skin’s color.  So if you have misshapen moles or changing skin lesions, you should have your doctor check it out right away.

When To See A Doctor

You should schedule a visit to the doctor right away when:

  • A mole or skin growth has changed size or appearance
  • You find a new mole or skin growth
  • You have changes in skin color that last
  • Any other time you need medical advice 🙂




How To Get Lighter Skin: The Solutions

How To Get Lighter Skin Fast And NaturallyTo answer that, you first have to pay attention to your skin type. It’s important to note that that although advice on how to get lighter skin for black people is different, a lot of the principals are the same.

In general, you want to make sure that any whitening product you choose contains one of the four key ingredients as listed below.


Derived from collagen, silica is one of the most important anti-aging minerals to help whiten your tone. Silica works very well in making sure that the skin is held together, preventing moisture from coming in. Silica also makes the skin firmer and more elastic, leading to a younger, healthier look as an added benefit!


You typically get this from cranberries, blueberries and certain types of pears. This substance in particular is an ideal answer when you are looking for solution on how to get even skin tone. The thing about alpha-arbutin is that it is capable of penetrating various  layers thoroughly, nourishing the skin from deep inside. This helps eliminate dark spots gradually.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

As mentioned earlier, dark skin can be caused by the surplus of melanin. Thankfully, Niacinamide can very effectively fight against melanin formation. Some of the time, Niacinamide can start lightening in about a month. Additionally, it can hydrate, slowing the affects of aging.

Sodium Lactate

Studies show that sodium lactate can moisturize as well as hydrate. Just like Niacinamide, sodium lactate can also prevent the production, and even the use of melanin. In addition to that, sodium lactate can also exfoliate, disposing of dead cells.

If you are looking for skin whitening information but aren’t black, you may want to take into consideration some of the following tips if you want to know how to bleach your skin.

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Using Home Remedies

Lemon or Citrus Juice

First of all, using home remedies is quite a recommended action. Fresh lemon juice is one good example here. Nonetheless, you should be careful enough while consuming fresh lemon juice. The thing is, lemon, as well as other citrus juices, may lead to skin irritation or even burnt skin. Also, it is strictly prohibited to go out and expose yourself to sunshine while using these juices. Thoroughly wash the lemon juices first prior to going out.

Coconut Water

In case you haven’t heard, coconut water can give you a lighter skin tone. At the same time, it can also make you feelsoft and supple. Since coconut water has a vast concentration of minerals essential for the body, it is good to consume even if you are not thinking about whitening.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is good for healing burns as well as other wounds. It lightens by promoting moisturizing and rejuvenation. By consuming aloe vera, dark patches on the skin will go away gradually.

Raw Potato

Raw potatoes are particularly good in lightening the skin tone in a natural way, particularly thanks to the high concentration of vitamin C in them. Believe it or not, a lot of skin products out there count on this particular vitamin in order to deliver what they promise to deliver, which is, a lighter complexion.

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Turmeric is very popular in India for cooking. Turmeric is well capable of inhibiting melanin production, resulting in light skin tone.

Using Skin Whitening Products

To lighten up your complexion, skin whitening products can be a good idea as well. Over-the-counter skin lightening cream is good to find, but it is utterly important that the cream consists of bearberry extract or arbutin, vitamin C, alpha hydroxyl acid, glycolic acid and kojic acid. Nevertheless, people should pay extra attention when it comes to using skin whitening products because some of these skin lightening products contain mercury, which can be very harmful.

In addition to  whitening cosmetic products, a lighter tone can also be achieved with microdermabrasion and chemical peels. These treatments will get rid of the outer layer, the dark one, and reveal the inner, lighter tone.